2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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It goes without saying that this year has been unlike any other in recent memory, and the holidays will not be immune. So, this season, more than any other, it is important for everyone to use this time to support and celebrate your local community including your local, independent stores, health care workers, first responders; your “pod” who walked this journey with you; and yourself for all you’ve overcome this year.

At OS1st, we are excited to help spread that sentiment, and it is why we will link to the product page for more information but encourage you to shop at your local, independent retailer once you’ve decided on your gifts! 

FS4 Plantar Fasciitis Sock in Merino Wool

If we could give you all a hug we would, but that breaks many safety precautions. So, this fall we launched the FS4 Plantar Fasciitis Sock in Merino Wool. Made of 100% recycled material, moisture-wicking, durable, and temperature-sensitive, this is the perfect sock for any trail runners, hikers, or Teddy Roosevelts in your life.  The sock features our classic Plantar Fasciitis-fighting C-zone ® compression to support the arch and cushion the heel. 

Find a local retailer here.

TA4 Thin Air Performance Socks  

These ultra-thin, light compression socks are perfect for everything. Sweaty feet? Yes. Blisters? Yes. Comfort? Yes. Working out? Yes. Sitting by the fire? Yes. We are buying them for all our athletic friends because they are so versatile, and they come in so many colors that no one will know you got everyone the same thing. 

Find a local retailer here

WP4 Wellness Socks

The wellness socks are designed to be diabetic friendly because of their seamless construction, non-binding comfort, circulation support, and contoured padding. However, the ultra-cushion and comfort they give are great for high-impact sports, distance runners, and long-distance walkers. 

Find a local retailer here

FS4+ Compression Bracing Socks

These are the powerhouse of socks. The FS4+ combines a calf sleeve with a Plantar Fasciitis sock for the ultimate shin, calf, Achilles, heel, and arch support. They can be worn during a workout for circulation and muscle support or during recovery. We recommend these as gifts for any athlete currently training for a race. We also hear they are great for expecting moms!

Find a local retailer here.

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