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Holiday stockings

Holiday Gift Guide: How to gift the perfect socks

There was a time when, as children, socks were considered unthoughtful, utilitarian gifts. But, that was before the days of performance socks with purposeful design meant to do more than get lost in your dryer. 

Why are socks great gifts?

Did you know that the sock market (really) continues to grow with a projected worth of $73 billion in 2027? And that’s not just because we are awesome (sorry, had to). That’s because more and more adult consumers are paying attention to socks as investments in their health. Giving the right pair of performance socks can show your support of your loved one’s new health-focused hobby or their long-time athletic passions.

What socks should you buy?

PB4 Pickleball Sock

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US, and we promise you know someone who plays it. The sport is so successful because it’s fun, fast, and can be played by athletes of all ages. The Pickleball Sock features high impact support for players spending time on hard courts, moisture-wicking/ anti-bacterial silver-ion technology, and cooling heat release. It’s also made by the official sock partner of USA Pickleball.  




FS4 Plantar Fasciitis Sock in Merino Wool

Made of 100% recycled material, moisture-wicking, durable, and temperature-sensitive, the FS4 Plantar Fasciitis Sock in Merino Wool is the perfect sock for any trail runners, hikers, or Teddy Roosevelts in your life.  The sock features our classic Plantar Fasciitis-fighting C-zone ® compression to support the arch and cushion the heel. 





TA4 Thin Air Performance Socks   

The TA4 Thin Air socks are ultra-thin, light compression socks perfect for your friends in warmer climates, summer races, or that one friend who is always hot (there’s one in every group). Sweaty feet? Yes. Blisters? Yes. Comfort? Yes. Working out? Yes. Sitting by the fire? Yes. Keeping your feet cool in winter boots? Yes. 





WP4 Wellness Socks

The wellness socks are designed to be diabetic friendly because of their seamless construction, non-binding comfort, circulation support, and contoured padding. However, the ultra-cushion and comfort they give are great for high-impact sports, distance runners, and long-distance walkers. They also come in wide sizes, and if you have a loved one who wears wide shoes, we can bet they are looking for better fitting socks.




AC4 Active Comfort Socks

The AC4 Active Comfort Socks are the newly launched combination of the nano-bamboo charcoal cushion of the wellness socks and the ThinSkin™ technology of the ThinAir socks. This is the sock of all trades made for everything from exercise to everyday, this sock features blister protection, contoured padding, and light-to-moderate compression for support and fit.




TS5 Travel Socks  

If you have a friend or loved one who is always in a car, on a plane (or in a train?), then they will love the travel socks. Truly, they are designed for anyone who sits for long periods of time as they improve circulation with targeted, medical grade compression.