Base Layer Bracing

The OS1st® Base Layer BracingTM system is powered by Compression Zone Technology® (CZT) and K-Zone® Technology (KZT®). CZT combines the benefits of orthopedic bracing support with the power of medical grade gradient compression.  This breakthrough technology delivers medical grade support in sleek and powerful performance bracing sleeves. The precise graduated compression that surrounds joints, muscle, tendons, and ligaments with anatomically correct zones for enhanced circulation that will support and stabilize joint structure and speed recovery.  Our latest technology, KZT®, create the benefits of therapeutic taping hidden inside for medial/lateral bracing or other motion control. The result? Prevention of common injuries, pain-free performance and a quicker return to an active lifestyle.
·         OS1st is the anti-bulk answer to heavy splints, uncomfortable neoprene fabrics and frustrating straps.
·         OS1st creates support and recovery any time and with any activity.
·         OS1st provides 24/7 support – sleep in many OS1st bracing sleeves and awake pain-free.
·         OS1st easily slips on and fits under any apparel and with any sock or shoe.
·         OS1st products stay in place and eliminate brace migration and wrinkling
·         OS1st goes where you go and helps you do what you do…better.