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Active Comfort Socks -1/4 Crew

: Black

Made for staying comfortable all-day and any activity with plush bamboo charcoal cushion in the heel and toe and ultra-thin Skin Thin™ cooling panels on the top. For the best fit, it is important to use the size chart before ordering.

  • Extra cushion in the heel and toe
  • Bamboo charcoal ionized fibers for durable softness
  • Ultra-thin top panel to regulate temperature and increase air flow

Included in all Socks with Purpose®

  • Micro-nylon treated with silver-ion technology to keep dry and prevent odor
  • Seamless construction and left/right design for 360-degree blister protection
  • Y-Gore heel to prevent the sock from slipping down into your shoe

Care Instructions: Wash gentle on cold. Tumble dry on low heat. No bleach or fabric softener. 

Size Average Shoe Size
S US: M 4.5-6.5 US: W 5-7.5 UK: 2.5-5 EU: 35.5-28.5
M US: M 7-10 US: W 8-11 UK: 6-9 EU: 39-43.5
L US: M 10.5-13 US: W 11.5+ UK: 9.5-12.5 EU: 44-48
XL US: M 13.5+
UK: 13+ EU: 49+


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Valued Customer
So comfortable and sized just right!

I have small feet and have such a hard time with fit as most socks are sized "fits 5 to 9" which means that the people on the other end of that range are not getting a good fit. These socks are even "left" and "right" and feel so good on my feet. I use them with my orthotic walking shoes when I walk the trails in my neighborhood for exercise. I started with one pair and quickly bought three more after I realized how great they felt. No bunching and just enough pressure in the material to protect my feet.

Delia Gonzalez

Best socks ever! I have purchased 5different styles and love them all!

Vicki B
Really helped with my shoe problem

I walk to exercise and was having some pain in my toes but these socks solved my pain problem.

Julie Smith
High quality compression sock

Very high quality compression socks. I love socks that don't slide around or bunch up. Nice socks. I did buy these 1 size larger than recommended.