Compression Baseball Sleeves

Stay on the Diamond

You’ve just hit a grand slam and you’re getting ready to round the bases. But, every time your feet hit the baseline your muscles and joints strain. Don’t let baseball related injuries keep you from doing your victory lap.

What You’re Feeling

  • Inflammation: Many baseball related injuries involve the tearing or stretching of soft tissues which causes them to swell and become painful. In some cases, it can even prevent you from moving freely.
  • Sprains: When you run and swing a baseball bat, you risk spraining the body parts that are in motion. Many sprains are the result of overusing the muscles in a repetitive manner.
  • Elbow Pain: Ligament tears and overuse are common, especially among pitchers. Inflammation among the inside and outside of the elbow stops you from playing the remaining innings.
  • Wrist Tendonitis: Repetitive motions, such as throwing and catching baseballs will cause swelling, tenderness and pain. It can become severe enough to interfere with day to day activities.

Compression Baseball Sleeves: Recover Quicker With Our Performance Compression Sleeves

  • Flexibility: Our baseball compression sleeves are made of a stretchy material that fits your body’s natural curves and angles. This gives you the ability to move while also gaining the added support your body needs.
  • Compression Zone Technology: OS1st’s sleeves give you extra compression in strategically placed zones to quickly and efficiently give your body parts the nutrients they need. This sets our compression sleeves apart from traditional compression socks and stockings.
  • Subtle Design: The sleek design allows for you to wear the baseball sleeve underneath your normal clothes or under your uniform. This is more convenient than bulky braces that restricts the clothing you can wear.
  • Speedy Recovery: Wearing baseball sleeves allow you to get back out on the diamond and out of the dugout. You will reduce swelling, release vital nutrients and get rid of waste and toxins your body doesn’t need.

How It Works

  • Reduces Swelling: Because swelling can cause pain and hinder your range of motion, you need to reduce it quickly. Rest, compression and cold therapy are all proven to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Reduce Fluid: Fluids can build up around an injury, adding to the amount of swelling. By compressing the affected area, fluid buildup reduces and your range of motion improves.
  • More of What You Need, Less of What You Don’t: Compression baseball sleeves help you to get more oxygen and nutrients to the injury, along with helping to get rid of the dead cells and deoxygenated blood.
  • Heal Quickly: Even though your body has its own defenses against injury, you can feel like your old self faster by using our compression baseball sleeves.