Compression Cycling Sleeves

Increase Your Saddle Time

The big triathlon has finally arrived and you’re ready to go- aside from your knees, that is. You’ve biked so much that you can tell they’re getting to be overused. You’re feeling stiff and walking has become difficult.

That’s when you remembered that you purchased OS1st’s cycling sleeves to keep you feeling great for your big event.

How You’re Feeling Right Now

  • Swelling: You have used your muscles and ligaments so much that they are becoming inflamed. This typically causes pain and discomfort.
  • Pain: Whether it’s the ligaments in your knee or your patella, it’s difficult to get around when such a crucial joint is hurting.
  • Decreased Range of Motion: You might find that you can’t walk normally, have a limp, or don’t want to put pressure on your knees.
  • Stiffness: When you sustain an injury, you probably won’t want to move around as much. This can cause muscles and ligaments to grow stiff.

Compression Cycling Sleeves: So You Can Go The Extra Mile

  • Light But Durable Material: Our cycling sleeves are flexible, light, and have inner gel stabilizers, so they work with your natural angles and stay put.
  • Graduated Compression: Our Compression Zone Technology gives you extra support right where you need it, so you heal faster.
  • Fits Under Clothing: The sleek design of our performance compression sleeves lets you wear it under normal clothing or sports gear.
  • Faster Recovery: Get back on the saddle with the support of medical grade compression zones.

How they Heal Your Cycling Injuries

  • Less Swelling: Compression sleeves help reduce swelling and encourage you to get back on your bike sooner.
  • Less Fluids: It is typical for fluids to build up at the site of an injury, so compression sleeves help to reduce any fluids that might be building up.
  • Get the Nutrients You Need: Compression helps to release specific nutrients your body needs in order to heal, but also helps get rid of what you don’t need.
  • Gets You Back on Your Feet: With the power of OS1st’s compression cycling sleeves, your cycling competitors don’t stand a chance!