Compression Football Sleeves

Reach the End Zone

When you’re out on the football field, balance and stance are key. When the opposing team comes at you, you want to be able to give it all you’ve got. Unfortunately, when each play requires a lot of forceful contact, football injuries can occur.

According to Physioroom, players are constantly battling football knee injuries, including a knee cartilage tear and damage to the ACL – two of the five most common football related injuries.

The Symptoms

  • Overuse: Repetitive movements can wear down the muscles and ligaments, causing them to swell.
  • Leg Cramps: These rigid and tight muscle spasms can lead to muscle tearing and other injuries.
  • Swelling: When your muscles become inflamed, you feel pain and discomfort which causes you to compensate with other muscle groups.
  • Sprain: When you twist or move your ligaments the wrong way, it causes inflammation along with pain.

Football Sleeves: Jumpstart Your Endurance with our Performance Compression Sleeve

  • Flexible Material: Works with your natural angles to give you the freedom to move.
  • Compression Zone Technology: Get extra support and stability where you need it most; and fast.
  • Sleek Design: OS1st compression football sleeves will fit comfortably under your clothes and uniforms, unlike bulky braces.
  • Faster Recovery: Compression sleeves help to bring oxygen and other nutrients to your muscles and ligaments, helping your muscles recover quicker.

How it Works

  • Less Swelling: Not only can it be painful, but swelling can also prevent proper healing, causing you to sit on the bench even longer. A mix of compression and cold therapy are proven to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Less Fluid Buildup: Buildup of excess fluids can restrict the range of motion and slow down the healing process. These fluids can be reduced with the help of football compression sleeves.
  • More of the Nutrients You Need: By compressing body parts, you actively stimulate the flow of lymph fluid and bring important nutrients to the injured area. Compression also removes waste from cells and bring oxygen into the muscle, helping the muscle to heal properly.
  • Faster Healing Process: While your body has it’s own way to heal itself, this can be sped up dramatically through the use of compression. By giving your body the nutrients it needs and removing what it doesn’t need, you will be recovered in no time!