Compression Running Sleeve

Cross the Finish Line

With every stride, your feet strike the pavement and jolts your legs. As much as we would all like for running to be completely pain-free, runners will deal with a number of ailments that fall on a spectrum from acute to severe.

A running sleeve is the simple and easy solution to all of your running injuries.

What You Are Feeling Right Now

  • Painful Stretching: You might feel like muscles and ligaments in your feet and legs are straining and pulling uncomfortably.
  • Heel Pain: Many runners experience Achilles Tendonitis, which causes the tendon to tighten and become irritated.
  • Inability to Walk: You might find it hard or very painful to walk, even after stretching and warming up.
  • Pain in Your Legs: Both shin splints and leg cramps are issues that runners frequently deal with, which can really affect your running time.

Running Compression Sleeve: It Will Keep You On Your Feet

  • Flexible Design: Os1st’s running compression sleeves are made of a material that will not only cling to you and stay put, but it works with the natural curves and angles of your body.
  • Compression Zones: Our Compression Zone Technology gives you extra bands of graduated compression that deliver healing right where you need it.
  • Less Bulk: Our running sleeve design is thin enough that you can wear it under your normal clothing or even under your sports gear. They can be a part of your outfit as little or as much as you want.
  • Heal Fast: When you wear running compression sleeves, you give yourself the tools to heal faster and better than just resting alone.

How They Work

  • Relieve Swelling: Many injuries can result in swelling, which can be quite painful and limit motion. We can help you with that!
  • Lower Fluid Buildup: Swelling can be partly due to a buildup of fluids which occur with an injury. Compression sleeves can help dispel these fluids and help you feel better.
  • Only the Necessary Nutrients: Many times, between the bruises and the fluids that build up, there are particles at the site of injury that don’t need to be; compression performance socks can help you weed them out.
  • Feel Better Quicker: Adding a running sleeve to your healing regime will greatly speed up recovery, and will be much more thorough in healing your injury than just using pain medications or resting alone.