Compression Soccer Sleeves

A “No Dead Ball” Zone

While it’s true that soccer players do a lot of damage to their lower bodies (legs, feet, knees) soccer is really a full-body sport. There is a lot of intense bodily contact and falling that goes into soccer games. OS1st has soccer sleeves to protect and cover your upper and lower body.

Your Current Symptoms

  • Wrist Pain: Between falling and player-to-player contact, you might find your wrists hurting. This can impede your ability to play the game to the best of your ability.
  • Swelling: If you’ve suffered an injury, it is typical for there to be swelling as your body reacts to the impact. This can be extremely painful.
  • Sprains: When soft tissue is moved the wrong way, it typically results in a sprain. This makes it difficult to put pressure on that specific body part.
  • Limited Mobility: When you feel pain or are injured in some way, you will naturally feel stiffness and soreness, making it difficult to play the game.

Make Our Soccer Sleeves Part of Your Soccer Gear

  • Flexible Material: Our compression soccer sleeves are stretchy yet lightweight, which makes them perfect to wear for long periods at a time, while you recover from your sports related injuries.
  • Graduated Compression: Our Compression Zone Technology gives you the extra support of our medical grade compression right where you need it the most. This puts our compression sleeves far above other compression socks and stockings.
  • Sleek Design: When you need to wear a compression sleeve, you need something that you can take with you everywhere. Our designs are thin and lightweight, letting you wear them under your regular clothes, soccer gear, or workout outfit.
  • Faster Recovery: You can get back out on the field and shooting goals in no time when you wear a soccer sleeve. Os1st compression sleeves help take away the pain of swelling and fatigue, letting you get back to playing well.

How Our Soccer Sleeves Work

  • Less Swelling: When you are injured, pain and swelling are bound to occur. It’s a natural bodily reaction, but our sleeves help you to get the swelling under control.
  • Less Fluids: Fluids and old blood tend to pool at the site of an injury, so compression soccer sleeves help to remove those unnecessary fluids.
  • Just The Things You Need: Compression sleeves help get rid of old cells and deoxygenated blood and helps replace it with fresh blood full of nutrients.
  • Heal Quicker: Your body will heal over time, but it will heal even quicker when you use a compression sleeve along with rest, ice, and elevation. With Os1st, you’ll be back on your feet in no time!