Compression Tennis Elbow Brace

Dominate the Court

While some sports have a lot of physical contact between players, there is a lot of ballistic movement in tennis. Swinging your arms and running around the court typically results in overuse problems that present themselves in the form of pain and swelling. That’s when you need a tennis elbow brace to help you heal fast.

Your Symptoms

  • Elbow Pain: Swinging a tennis racket can cause a lot of elbow pain that, at times, could make it difficult for you to even make a fist.
  • Wrist Strain: Wrists are sensitive to pressure, and tennis players regularly experience wrist pain and strain when playing tennis.
  • Swelling: Injuries and swelling go hand and hand. This can cause pain and local sensitivity, especially while in use.
  • Fatigue: Muscles and other soft tissues are regularly subject to fatigue when they are overused.

Tennis Elbow Sleeve: How They Can Help You Recover From Your Tennis Elbow Injury

  • Flexible Material: The OS1st Tennis Elbow Sleeve is made of a material that will work with your body’s natural angles so that it stays where you need it and gives you the added support your body needs.
  • Compression Zones: Our Compression Zone Technology gives you a boost of medical grade compression in the places where your elbow needs extra support. We offer you that support and stability in a great fitting elbow sleeve.
  • Sleek Design: If you’re suffering from a tennis elbow injury our elbow brace is designed to be lightweight and sturdy so that you can wear it under your regular clothes or your sports gear.
  • Recover Quickly: You can get back onto the tennis court quickly when you use compression sleeves. Our tennis elbow sleeve will reduce and prevent swelling, release necessary nutrients, and get rid of pain.

How Our Tennis Elbow Brace Works

  • Reduce Swelling: Compression keeps your blood flowing in the right direction and prevents congestion of blood, which reduces swelling and makes you more comfortable.
  • Reduce Fluids: Just like with blood, fluids are known to build up when you have an injury, increasing the amount of swelling. By using compression sleeves you improve your range of motion and flexibility.
  • More of What You Need: Compression tennis sleeves help get oxygen rich blood to the injury site and help carry away old blood that no longer has nutrients.
  • Heal Even Quicker: Compression sleeves help your body’s natural healing process by speeding it up. Feel like your old self fast and get back to working on your backswing!