Bunion surgery can cost around $5,000

Prevent pain and correct bunions with specially designed braces and socks, and still wear your favorite shoes.

BR4 Bunion Relief Socks

The first of its kind design, BR4® Bunion Relief Socks, offers an innovative split-toe design and targeted bunion pad for wearable, comfortable bunion relief. 


HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve

Created using a light-flex toe splint and split-toe design to realign toe angles and reduce forefoot swelling. Built-in silicone stabilizers hold the brace in place so the splint can straighten the Hallux and help separate toes for gradual correction, relief and recovery.



I Love these socks! Very comfortable for working 12 hour hospital shifts. Keeps my bunion from swelling and hurting.


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I suddenly developed bunions on both my feet and felt very discouraged. I've tried several different types of cushions, insoles, plastic cushioning but so far these socks have made the most helpful.


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I always have to take band aids with me on my walks, but no more! These socks are so protective - no blisters under my bunion or my heels!
My husband was so impressed that I ordered two pair for him!


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WHY OS1st?


Silver Ions

We put silver ion in our yarn to wick away moisture and stop odor causing bacteria.


Compression Zone Technology

We use the highest quality knitting machines, which allow us to create compression "zones" that target specific pain points.


Quality Socks Don't Slip

Our Y-gore heal design stops socks from slipping and our gel grips keep braces from moving. 

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