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Ken Michal

Ken  Michal

ABOUT ME: I love running long and trying to be a better person than the day before! I love running because it really helps me grow in my life and discover who I really am! I've found that I really feel alive after 150 miles! So far, I've finished five, 200 milers in addition to multiple 100's including HURT 100, Western States and more (over 100 ultra finishes)! I'm really fortunate to be able to do what I love and love what I do! I also enjoy giving back to the ultra community as a frequent volunteer and am the host of the successful Running Stupid Podcast! The show is in it's 12th season!



  • Is one of two people who have 10 finishes at the North Face Endurance Challenge: 50 in San Francisco
  • Three finishes/veteran status at the HURT 100.  Also a proud member of the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team 
  • 5 - 200 mile finishes (Born to Run, Tahoe 200 and Pigtails Challengex3) with a shared 3rd place at Pigtails 200
  • 303 and 355 mile finishes in multiday runs
  • Course record at the Davis Two Day, 48 hour race

WHY TEAM OS1st? I love my OS1st calf sleeves for any long run! They're super supportive yet breath better than any other sleeve I've worn over the years!Ê They help to keep my calf muscles from bouncing around which helps with muscle fatigue during long events! I'm also a big fan of the ankle brace for stabilization and to use when I'm sleeping! The Foot Gym is awesome for stretching post run too!

FAVORITE QUOTE: Are you a whiner or an ultra runner because you can't be both! -Ann Trason My amazing coach who kept me glued together and moving forward when I was having a tough race!