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Nikki Kimball


ABOUT ME: I began X-C Ski Racing at the age of three (100M was a long way then!) In 1988, raced in the Olympic Trials for Cross Country skiing and Biathlon in 1994 before switching to Ultra-Running in 1999. Trail running became a method of ski training for me in the '70's. I am proud to have made Ultra-Runner of the Year for North America three (3) times (UltraRunning Magazine) and UROY for USATF 3 times. I have won 11 National Championship races from road to trail, even snowshoe running! It is a special honor to be named to USA national teams such as mountain and snowshoe racing. I created Integrated Running, a 501c3 program which provided 3-day residential programs focused on using exercise as treatment for depression and had a starring role in an Emmy Award winning documentary called Finding Traction.



  • My career highlight to date is the creation of the non-profit, Integrated Running. I've won several of the most iconic and most competitive races all over the world (including Western States 100, UTMB, Marathon des Sables), and I certainly feel each was a career highlight. However, using the platform gained through my ultra career to decrease stigma and increase treatment options for people with mental illness, is the single greatest accomplishment of my life thus far. In 1994, coming off a great season of competitive biathlon I nearly lost my life to major depression. Two brave friends who resisted the stigma surrounding depression coordinated my medical treatment, and cared for me during several months in which I could not care for myself. Unfortunately, depression affects countless people who are less fortunate than I was, with my well-informed friends and access to excellent health care. With proper treatment and support, people with depression can thrive. As I cannot pay back those you saved my life, I feel great comfort in paying their kindness forward.
  • Running is a fantastic sport in the joy, wellness and depth it brings to the lives of those who do it. I also love competing, and appreciate the opportunities my racing success brought me. All runners, regardless of speed or distance can reap the most important benefits the sport has to offer.
  • While there are many companies claiming to sell compression products, only a few give true, medical grade compression. I use OS1st because it provides well-designed, research-based, anatomically appropriate compression.
  • I love the FS6+ Sports Compression Leg Sleeve as I use it to support muscles surrounding a section of bone which was badly injured by blunt trauma. Though some of the bone damage is permanent, running with the sleeve is much more comfortable to the surrounding muscles than running without the proper, high-quality compression of OS1st.
  • I've recommended OS1st products to many of patients I treat in physical therapy, and the clients I coach in running. I've had great feedback on use of every lower extremity product made by OS1st. I only treat runners, so I've not had the chance to evaluate the upper extremity compression on injured athletes or workers.
  • Though I was initially skeptical of the leg and foot sleeves which did not cover the toes (for fear of blisters), IÕve found over thousands of miles of use, that I've never developed a blister under these sleeves.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "What I lack in youth, I make up for in immaturity." ~Nikki Kimball