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Patrick Sweeney

I grew up at the beaches of Southern CA and loves running barefoot on the soft sand.  I was spending so many hours running I started racing to justify the spent doing what I love. Trying to emulate my barefoot running  form I race in minimalist shoes and huarache Luna Sandals fashioned after the traditional sandals of the the Tarahumara Indians of Chihuahua Mexico.  Over the years my sandals have taken me to the podium of countless races at just about every distance including 5km, 10km, 1/2 marathon, 25km, marathon, 50km, 50 miler, 100km, 12 hour, 6 hour, 24 hour. 

Patrick Sweeney Team OS1st

  • 2x World Record for running on soft sand over 24 hours
  • Ran from Huntington Beach CA to Boston MA over 114 days covering 3,500 miles.
  • Ran the Chicago marathon and kept running to the New York Marathon 900 miles over 20 days and still finished the New York Marathon in under 3 hours
  • 2x time winner of the Born to Run 50km
  • 1st Place at the Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon  (6 time finisher)


I run for my health, I run for transportation, I run to connect with nature, I run for community, I run because it puts a smile on face, I love running. Sometimes I race.


"Run Free" - Caballo Blanco

Patrick Sweeney Team OS1st