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Introducing the OS1st Connection Sheet 

Don't let product information or marketing updates get siloed in one person's email folder! 

By taking 2 minutes to update your store's contact information, we can start sending relevant information to the relevant people on your team. No more forwarding! 

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Download and fill out our PDF form; then email the completed form to shardy@ingsource.com! 

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Work with our team to easily update your website with OS1st products, and take advantage of our drop ship program. 

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We are happy to provide samples for new products, staff samples, and samples on behalf of your store to local medical professionals. 

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Our pre-made marketing materials are here to help spread the word without creating more work.

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Browse floor display package programs and point-of-purchase displays for run specialty stores.

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Browse floor display package programs and point-of-purchase displays for shoe specialty stores. 

Shoe Specialty Display
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Display package programs and point-of-purchase displays targeted at these sports. 

Tennis/Golf Display