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Sabrina Stanley


ABOUT ME: I am a trail ultra runner, born and raised in Washington State. Currently I live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and, although I love to trail run, an almost equal if not greater passion of mine is competing. Traveling the world to seek out the most competitive, scenic and soul stirring races, is my present pursuit. You can follow along with her on her journey at any or all of the following outlets:



  • Bryce Canyon 50 Mile 2016 1st Female
  • Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run 2016 4th Female
  • Sean O'Brien 100k 2017 2nd Female
  • Jemez Mountain 50k 2017 2nd Female
  • Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run 2017 21st Overall, 3rd Female

WHY TEAM OS1st? Without running my world would be without an axis. I NEED to have running as a focal in my life, and I NEED it to be pain free. OS1st makes that possible. Putting in consistent 100+ mile weeks takes its toll, so I always carry the PS3 in my running pack. When I am really hitting the mountains hard, and I start to feel a little pain in my knee, I take the PS3 out and slip it on. If It is a really intense week of training, I leave the sleeve on around my ankle, then just reach down and pull it up around my knee real quick. It takes no time at all, and the pain is instantly gone. No, need to worry about having to take any pain management medication!

FAVORITE QUOTE: "I am not afraid...I was born to do this." ~Joan of Arc