Catra Corbett Calf Sleeves
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Catra Corbett Calf Sleeves

OS1st and Team OS1st Athlete Catra Corbett “DirtDiva” have teamed up and created a unique one of a kind compression calf sleeve.  Our Dirt Diva Calf Sleeves are made using the same high quality and medical grade compression you can find in our current OS1st Compression Calf Sleeves. Relieve Pain Caused by Sore Aching Legs and Feet, Cramping and Shin Splints with OS1st’s Light, Comfortable Calf Sleeves Comes with two (2) compression calf sleeves per package.


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OS1st CS6 Sports Calf Compression Sleeve

Sports Calf Compression Sleeve Benefits

Performance is the key to success, especially for athletes. Your body needs proper circulation to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Get Back in the Game with the CS6 Sports Calf Compression Sleeve

The OS1st® CS6 Sports Calf Compression Sleeve provide medical grade orthopedic support. Our patent pending Compression Zone Technology® provides pain relief and preventative support. CS6 Sports Compression Calf Sleeves provide athletes with relief from calf pain and injury. Find prevention and relief from muscle cramps, venous insufficiency, Achilles tendinitis, and shin splints.

6 Zones of Graduated Compression

calf compression sleeve

The CS6 Sports Calf Compression Sleeve delivers six zones of graduated compression. They are comfortable enough to wear any time of day. You can wear them under your regular pants and socks.


The advanced shaped-to-fit design of our sports compression calf sleeves promotes excellent circulation. Our sports compression calf sleeves are easier to move in compared heavier supports. Our Compression Sleeves never bind at your body’s natural angles. You can pair this compression sleeve with the OS1st® FS6 Performance Compression Foot Sleeve.

Available in 7 colors as a pair. The OS1st® CS6 Sports Calf Compression Sleeve are the perfect fit for your active, pain-free lifestyle!

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