Long awaited relief from painful Plantar Fasciitis, heel and arch pain.

Medical grade graduated compression in an anatomically correct foot sleeve to offer stabilization of the foot to reduce pain, swelling, and cramping by increasing circulation and reducing fatigue.


> Most of our users have reported immediate relief when wearing OrthoSleeves. Some even wear overnight to awake pain free.

> You get two sleeves, wear on both feet to alleviate pain and prevent re-injury.

> Available in five colors and seven sizes for best fit and style.

> Our sleeves are made of thin, lightweight, breathable moisture-wicking micro-nylon material that is easily washable and retains its elasticity over time.

> They will not slip or move around during use.

> Wear while barefoot, or under your everyday socks and shoes.

> Medical grade and podiatrist approved compression.

> Not only for athletes! On your feet all day? Our sleeves are right for you.

Try us out, we know you’ll love our sleeves or we’ll refund you back, no questions asked.

Try our FS6 Performance Foot Sleeves today!

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