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How compression sleeves protect your knees

Spring is finally here! With warmer weather and sunnier days, it’s time to get outside and hit the track, gym, or field once again. As you gather your gear and prepare for the coming athletic season, you may want to start thinking about ways to guard yourself against potential injuries. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating for a fitness-lover than being forced off the field after finally being able to get on it. One body part to prioritize above all others? Your knees. Between fractures, sprains, and ACL tears, knees are among the most easily injured parts of the body. In 2010, there were roughly 10.4 million patient visits to doctors' offices due to common knee injuries. As the largest joint in your body, your knee essential for most athletic activities—but it’s also extremely vulnerable. Fortunately, while you can’t predict the future, there are many steps you can take to protect your knees from injury. One option is wearing a knee compression sleeve, such as the KS7 Knee Compression Sleeve. Compression sleeves provide a variety of benefits for athletes, including increased support, improved oxygenation, and heat retention. Whether you’re a runner, weightlifter, or CrossFit junkie, read on to learn how a compression sleeve can help keep you in the game this season.

Reduce Your Impact

If you’re gearing up for a marathon this spring or summer, your knees should be a top priority. The steady, constant impact of legs against pavement can lead to a variety of knee injuries, including torn ACLs, torn MCLs, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, and runner's knee. Knee support can reduce the likelihood of injury by providing support for the joint and the bones, cartilage, and ligaments that surround it. Unlike a knee brace, which is typically worn after an injury and tends to be on the clunkier side, a knee compression sleeve provides support without hindering mobility.

Lift Safe

For weightlifters and CrossFit enthusiasts, knee protection is of utmost importance. Lifting progressively heavier weight forces the kneecap to grind onto itself, causing knee pain and, eventually, serious conditions like patellar tendonitis.  Common weightlifting movements such as squats, snatches, and clean-and-jerk lifts are also at high risk for knee injury. A knee compression sleeve helps prevent this by limiting the movement of the patella. Of course, the best insurance against any injury is maintaining proper form, so if you’re new to weightlifting or CrossFit, make sure to train under the guidance of a professional in addition to using a compression sleeve.

Go With the Flow

One of the biggest benefits of compression sleeves is improved blood flow. In order to power your body, your heart pumps oxygen-rich blood through your muscles and arteries. Once your cells use the oxygen and nutrients, the de-oxygenated blood gets transported back to the heart along with lactic acid and other waste products. For those looking to boost their athletic performance, it’s important to transport as much oxygen to the cells as possible. It’s also important to remove the lactic acid quickly, as it causes soreness and hinders performance. Sleeve compression assists in this process by compressing the walls in the arteries, increasing the velocity of the blood flow through them. This is good news for all parts of your body, including your knees.

Stay Snug

An additional benefit of a knee compression sleeve is the warmth it provides. For those suffering from arthritis or other conditions that cause joint pain, this reduces pain and swelling and provides relief.  Athletes can benefit from this effect as well, as heat retention during activity decreases the likelihood for injury.

How the KS7 Can Help

The KS7 Knee Compression Sleeve uses medical-grade compression to stabilize the knee and prevent injury. The sleeve’s lightweight, shaped-to-fit design molds to your knee and allows it to move organically, so you can exercise in comfort and style. Buy one today to ensure your knees are safe this season.