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Performance Socks and Compression Bracing

Relief, Prevention, Recovery

Stay active with OS1st performance socks and compression bracing made with our patented Compression Zone Technology and designed together with podiatrists, athletes, and real people.

Socks with Purpose

Find the sock that matches your purpose from condition specific (like our Plantar Fasciitis socks) to lifestyle specific (like The Pickleball Sock).

Compression Bracing

Do what you love without pain getting in the way with the flexible fit and support of our patented Compression Zone Technology.

As Seen On

DS6 Decompression Sleeve, Night time Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve in white | OS1st

How is OS1st's K-Zone® Bracing Technology like low-dye taping?

Low dye taping requires athletic tape to be applied each time it is used, whereas K-Zone® technology is built into the compression sleeve for example, the AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve and DS6 Night Time Decompression Sleeve and can be worn repeatedly without needing to be reapplied. Additionally, K-Zone® technology provides a more consistent level of compression and support, while low dye taping can vary in effectiveness depending on the skill of the person applying the tape.
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Nekkid Comfort Socks and the active lifestyle

Nekkid Comfort Socks and the active lifestyle

Have you ever wondered if you could get the “no-sock” look in your running shoes, track cleats or cycling shoes while still benefiting from the support that socks provide? Well you can! A high quality invisible sock such as the new Nekkid Comfort sock will give you the benefits you need and love while ditching the traditional sock look.
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Sonny Tannan Group

To say pickleball has changed my life doesn't do it justice.

There is something to be said about an activity that brings people together from all walks of life…enter pickleball. One of the most social and fun sports that I’ve had the pleasure of playing, to say pickleball has changed my life doesn’t do it justice. But let me try to put it in perspective…

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