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The OS1st Virtual Running Challenge x2

The OS1st Virtual Running Challenge x2

The OS1st Virtual Running Challenge is back for round two, with another week of virtually uniting runners who are still safely training/racing, on their own, outdoors or at home, through a virtual running challenge.

About the challenge

Runners should complete at least one 5, 10, or 15K run on their own, and track their activity on the Strava app as a member of the OS1st Club. The app can be downloaded on most smart phones to track runs outside or indoors by using the GPS on your mobile phone or wearable GPS technology. 

By logging at least one run as an OS1st Club Member in Strava from May 3 to 9, you will be entered to win one of ten prize packs!  

OS1st will post on Strava, Instagram, and Facebook each day to encourage participants and shout out leaderboards.

How to win

Any runner who participates will be entered into a drawing for one of ten prize packs.

Each prize pack includes a $150 gift card to the winner's local OS1st retailer and $150 worth of OS1st gear.

Participants can earn multiple entries into the drawing. 

Complete your own 5K – 1 entry

Complete your own 10K – 2 entries

Complete your own 15K – 3 entries

Runners can also gain bonus entries by sharing a photo of them completing their solo challenge run on Facebook or Instagram. The post must include the runner's Strava name, tag @OS1st, and use #OS1stChallenge.

Winners will be chosen at random and contacted via Strava on May 10. The winners will be announced to the public May 11 on the OS1st Strava club page, Facebook, and Instagram.

Notes for Participation

  • Runs should be completed alone and done outside OR on personal, at home workout equipment. No activity should preclude social isolation, quarantine, lock-down, and shelter-in-place advisories.
  • Runners WILL NOTrun in crowded areas, in areas with at-risk or immune-compromised populations, or at a close distance of other runners.
  • Participants should self-monitor their temperature and health and follow all local, state, and federal government guidelines for those exhibiting symptoms.
  • Participants must be a member of the OS1st Strava club.
  • If at any point in time this challenge is found to be adversary to public health interests, OS1st maintains the right to cancel, postpone, or end the virtual challenge early.

As situations change rapidly, we are asking every runner to do AT LEAST these three things before running:

  1. Check the CDC website, your state health department's website, and your local government website and/or resources.
  2. Take your temperature.
  3. Cover your face if you are running outside your home.

Social isolation and quarantine are not to be taken lightly. We expect all participants to put the safety of the community first. For official information and resources please visit the CDC website and your state’s COVID-19 resources. We are not recommending that anyone take steps to endanger their health or the health of others. Please exercise caution when participating in the challenge.

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Charm City Run and OS1st partner to support Johns Hopkins' essential staff OS1st medical-grade compression sleeves

Charm City Run and OS1st partner to support Johns Hopkins' essential staff OS1st medical-grade compression sleeves

Baltimore running store , Charm City Run, and the number one running compression bracing product, OS1st, will donate superhero themed OS1st compression sleeves to the brave essential staff at John Hopkin’s Hospital, serving their community during the coronavirus pandemic.
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The OS1st Virtual Running Challenge

The OS1st Virtual Running Challenge

OS1st will sponsor a virtual race challenge from March 22 to 28 to support the running community, including local businesses affected by the novel coronavirus. 

As our communities and world come together to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we want to create a virtual competition between all our runners training alone, and our online community. 

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Compression Sleeve Benefits

Pain Relief

Every OS1st® Performance Compression Sleeve provides medical grade athletic support to help prevent pain. Our patent pending Compression Zone Technology® provides pain relief for athletes recovering from injuries.


Thanks to their shaped fit design, OS1st® Performance Compression Sleeves promote excellent circulation. An OS1st® compression sleeve is safer to wear than heavier orthopedic supports. Our compression sleeves never bind at your body’s natural angles.

Easy Fit

Every OS1st® compression sleeve offers easy-on fit and Compression Zone Technology®. OS1st® Performance Compression Sleeves are comfortable and effective. You can wear our compression sleeve any time, even under normal clothes.


Why an OS1st® Compression Sleeve?

The benefits of using a performance compression sleeve are clear:

  • A performance compression sleeve helps relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness.
  • A performance compression sleeve reduces the time it takes for muscles to repair themselves
  • A performance compression sleeve provides the right amount of compression for each body part. This will vary depending on body area, in the range of 10 to 25 mmHg.
  • A performance compression sleeve improves venous return and oxygenation to working muscles.

Does your current compression sleeve brand understand the science behind the theory? Or is it just a fashion statement?

Does your current brand state what level of compression it delivers and where?

OS1st® delivers true graduated & anatomically correct medical grade compression. This ranges from 20 – 30 mmHg across targeted zones.

YOUR health, YOUR performance, and YOUR recovery are the most important thing to YOU.

That’s why you need an OS1st® compression sleeve with patent pending Compression Zone Technology®.

Our medical grade technology is currently in use by Doctors, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists all over the world.

OS1st® delivers targeted compression to your feet, calf, knee, wrist, and elbow. Every OS1st® performance compression sleeve is designed and manufactured to medical grade standards. Improve your PERFORMANCE and enjoy quicker RECOVERY with an OS1st® Compression Sleeve.

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