About OS1st

OS1st® performance socks and compression bracing empower active lifestyles by targeting and preventing pain from a variety of conditions including overuse injuries and chronic pain. Made with high-quality materials and Compression Zone® Technology, our products were designed together with podiatrists, athletes, and real people to target Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, knee injury and more. The science behind every OS1st product is what makes it the number one compression bracing product in United States specialty retail.


To use science-driven compression to improve lives by relieving pain, empowering active lifestyles, and supporting small businesses who do the same. 


OS1st® is dedicated to: 

  • Creating premium, quality, life-improving products with empathy
  • Maintaining a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Supporting independently owned businesses and their communities
  • Treating everyone like family, welcome to "come as you are" 


Compression Zone Technology®

This patented, evolutionary approach to performance sleeves and socks uses top-of-the-line, precision knitting machines to seamlessly transition levels of compression from moderate to firm within a sleeve or sock to target specific conditions. By targeting compression to support affected areas, C-zone technology alleviates and prevents pain. Every product is shown with a zone chart explaining where the targeted compression zones are within the sleeve or sock. We use anatomically correct placement to maximize the impact of the zones and provide a sizing chart to help guarantee the correct fit every time. 

K-Zone® Technology 

KZT® provides the benefits of kinesiology taping treatment without the inconvenience of its temporary and binding nature. Using a hypoallergenic gel stabilizer system with high resistance fabrication zones, KZT® creates a strapping type effect in specific areas to steady and help secure supportive joint structures. The result is stabilization without immobilization. Proper medical-grade compression in combination with KZT® provides a slip-on therapy solution as needed. 

Skin Thin® Technology

The Skin Thin® construction is applied to socks and calf sleeves for an unmatched cooling experience. The ultra-thin panels are paired with uniquely positioned lift-bars that maximize air-flow next to the skin for a cooling sensation.