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About OS1st

We want to keep you active and doing what you love by...

  • Creating precision compression products targeting a variety of conditions using high-quality materials and patented technology.
  • Proving socks can do more than you're used to with designs specific to your needs.
  • Supporting independent retailers who are dedicated to improving the health of your local community. 
All three generations of the Higgins' family on the steps of their office

How it started 

After seeing his wife struggle with Plantar Fasciitis, our founder, Dave, used his knowledge from a long career in socks and hosiery to invent a compression solution to soothe her feet. That product, the FS6 Performance Foot Sleeve, was our first product and revolutionized the compression industry.

    Compression Zone Technology®

    Starting with the FS6, we’ve patented a way to target specific areas with different levels of pressure. Instead of a tube of graduated compression, our products have the right level of compression just where you need it.

    Learn more about Compression Zone Technology

    Learn more about K-Zone Technology

    Socks with Purpose®

    After the success of the FS6 Performance Foot Sleeve we turned it into the first-ever Plantar Fasciitis sock. Since then we’ve continued to build our sock line with solutions for every runner’s needs - performance, lifestyle, and pain relief.