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Plantar Fasciitis Recovery Kit


An all-in-one, medical-grade compression solution for Plantar Fasciitis pain using three steps for relief. Each kit includes...

Step one - Use the FS6 Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeves to get pain and swelling under control during the day

Step two - Keep therapy going overnight and prevent that first-step pain in the morning with the DS6 Night Time Plantar Fasciitis treatment

Step three - Once symptoms have subsided, wear the Plantar Fasciitis socks to prevent another flair up


Arch Circumference

 Average Shoe Size (US)

S 5-8 inches, 13-20 cm Men 3-5.5, Women 4-6.5
M 7-10 inches, 18-25 cm Men 6-9.5, Women 7-10.5
L 9-13 inches, 23-33 cm Men 10-13, Women 11+
XL 11-15 inches, 28-38 cm Men 13.5 - 15

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