Chris Gingrich

ABOUT ME:Chris I'm an18 year Navy Corpsman Veteran with Special Operations. I have 5 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. I recently moved to East Tennessee where I’m going back to school full time and studying Kinesiology where I’d love to work with collegiate and pro athletes. Ultra-running and endurance sports are my outlet from lifes stressors and it has helped save me from some dark times since leaving the military. I love listening music and the way it can motivate me, especially 90's hip hop and alternative, which I can be heard blasting to, sitting in my car prior to a race start, however, I rarely ever run with music or headphones. I also love to cross train, swimming, surfing and cycling and believe it helps in all aspects of life and sports performance


  • 2019 Beast for a Day hr Trail Race - 1st o/a
  • 2019 Frozen H3 17Mi trail - 1st o/a
  • 2018 Bull Mtn Epic trail 1/2 - 7th o/a and several top 25 finishes
  • 2017 UROC 100k - 39th o/a
  • 2015 Whoos in El Morro 25K - 21st o/a
  • 2014 San Diego 50mi - 35th o/a
Chris 1

WHY TEAM OS1st? Since the first time I put them on, OS1st has been my go-to for running, injury prevention and recovery, I even wear them around on non-race days. They're comfortable, light and deliver every time.


Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

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