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Compression Zone Technology

We use varied levels of compression in anatomically correct placements to maximize the impact of our targeted zones of compression.

A plantar fasciitis foot sleeve with bands showing where the targeted zones of compression are within the product.

What is Compression Zone Technology?

Compression Zone Technology or "C-zone technology" is a patented, evolutionary approach to performance sleeves and socks uses top-of-the-line, precision knitting machines to seamlessly transition levels of compression from moderate to firm within a sleeve or sock to target specific conditions. 


Why use Compression Zone Technology?

Using smooth, soft, flexible compression bracing replaces bulky splints, straps, and rigid braces.

We use moisture-wicking micro-fiber Lycra yarn woven sleeves which means you can wear if comfortably with your normal clothes and still allow for full range of motion. We call that “Base Layer Bracing®”.

Picture of one of the knitting machines used to make OS1st compression sleeves


How we make Compression Zone Technology®

  • Textile engineering – We patented our technology after extensive research and medical testing on the affects of our targeted compression on Plantar Fasciitis and grew from there. 
  • Advanced equipment – Our products require precision knitting machines which happen to be the most technologically advanced machines in the world
  • Hydro-transfer system – We select the best Micro-Fiber yarns with moisture-management built-in so there's no chance for sweat to stay trapped in your compression product
  • Lycra® Energize fiber -  Our compression feels like a custom fit because we've woven in specialized fibers to keep it close-fitting and flexible
  • No bulk – The use of premium materials, targeted zones of compression and top-of-the-line machinery results in sleek, thin products that are still durable yet soft