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David Dutrieuille

About David: 

I Started playing pickleball in 2019. I first started in the gyms of Bloomington Lifetime Fitness. It was there were I received my first dose of humble pie from three 65 year olds. Ever since then I have been absolutely hooked.

Learn more about David here:  www.Pickleballpioneers.com 

Special Career Highlights:

2021 APP Delray Beach 5.0 35plus Gold Medal
2021 APP Atlanta Metro Open 4.5 Mens & Mixed Doubles Gold Medal

Favorite quote:

“There are 5 gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the life of a believer. And most people will never get around to reading the first four."

Favorite product(s):

AS6 Arm Compression Sleeves

Find David here: