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Ilana Jesse

Ilana Jesse Thrill Seekers AnonymousI’m a retired alpinist turned ultra mountain runner. When I’m not skiing bumps with my 3-year old or working in the Neuro Trauma ICU, you can find me billy goating up mountainsides. After experiencing a near fatal accident that left me with a permanent handicap, I pivoted to mountain running. The long days of navigating through rough terrain provided me with an outlet to accept, heal, and trust again.

Special Career Highlights:

Failing Nolan’s 14 twice (I learned so much from each failure) and establishing a FKT on my home mountain, the ‘Pikes Peak Backslap’.

Athlete Statement:

The starting line is a celebration of the hard work. Always stay true and honest to yourself. Never stop showing up.

Favorite quote:

“Progress is rarely a straight line.” – Kara Goucher

 Favorite product(s):

OS1st FS4 Plantar Fascitis Socks