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The Nekkid Comfort Sock

No show. No slip. No worries.

Nekkid Comfort Socks

You know that feeling when your sock slips down into your shoe? Yeah, so do we… that’s why we created the Nekkid Comfort Sock. It's powerful no slip construction will stay up no matter your activity. And, it's so low, it's like you're "nekkid."

Nekkid Comfort socks stay up all day thanks to...

  • Our silicone oval that comfortably prevents slipping
  • A specially constructed heel that feels like a hug
  • Light compression around the arch to prevent rubbing and blisters

Feel additional comfort from…

  • Left and right foot specific, shaped to your feet
  • Antimicrobial silver treated for no-stink
  • Seamless toe
  • Soft, moisture wicking Micro fiber nylon

Care Instructions: Wash gentle on cold, tumble dry on low heat. No bleach or fabric softener.

Size Chart

Size Women's Shoe Size (US) Men's Shoe Size (US)
S 5-7.5 4.5-6.5
M 8-11 7-10
L 11.5+ 10.5-13
XL  - 13.5+

Customer Reviews

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The perfect sock

This sock has it all. The color is such that you cannot barely see it with most tennis shoes and slip ons. It is a quality sock. It does not slip one bit. You pay more for it, but you will not have to buy package after package of socks. Looking for the best one. I am on my way to ordering more

I love these!!!

I received them yesterday and I love these!!! Wore them all day today. They didn't budge or drop below my heel into my shoe, which my no-show socks typically do. AND, the compression is excellent. I'm so pleased with these and will be purchasing another pair or two! Thank you!

Awesome no-slip multi-tasker!

It's hard not to love the Nekkid no show sock at first glance. With its low profile and wide array of color options, what else could you ask for? Slip them on and stick your feet into a workout sneaker or casual shoe and they'll prove to you they are more than what meets the eye! Super comfy, snug fit and invisible when in the shoe, the sock keeps up with your lifestyle whether in the gym or running errands. I absolutely love this sock and really put it to the test in trying to get it to slip. It won't! The size chart is honest and true to size, so even with my small feet, the Small indeed fits perfectly. I absolutely recommend this sock and need them in all the colors!

I love these socks!

The socks fit great. They are great no show and don't slip like some and they are very comfortable. I will be ordering more. Wish they had a no show style for women's dress shoes.

Excellent quality at the premium price

I was VERY surprised to open the packaging and see only 1 pair of socks for the $15. But I gave them a try at the gym with my Reef Deckhand 3 Sneakers (minimalist shoe that's great for rowing). These are stellar! I just need to get more comfortable with the price but all I want to do is buy another 9 pairs to have a 2 week gym supply!

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