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Be a Hero - Buy One, Donate One

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Essential Workers Donation Program 

We all have a chance to be heroes right now. For most of us, that means following guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But for essential staff like medical professionals, grocery store staff, truck drivers, and supply chain workers that means going to work and heading to the front lines of the coronavirus battle. 

In appreciation, for every pair of DC Comic Calf sleeves purchased, OS1st will donate a pair during this buy-one-give-one campaign. 

Why compression sleeves? 

OS1st compression sleeves feature medical grade compression designed to relieve aching legs and feet, which can be the result of standing for extended periods of time. Compression garments, like these sleeves, are often worn by essential staff to help relieve and prevent pain in feet, legs, and joints during long shifts.  

Donation Transparency 

OS1st will follow the guidelines set forth by the federal government regarding donations to medical professionals. 

For more information on donations and the federal guidelines on COVID-19 please use their website https://covid19.ca.gov/