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What the pros say...

Jessie Irvine

"OS1st empowers me with the tools to have a competitive edge over my competitors and to feel my best whenever I step onto the court.”"

Jay Devilliers

"OS1st products have been essential in helping me recover from injuries and stay at the top of my game."

James Ignatowich

“I finally found the one sock that can handle split steps as aggressive as mine."

Brooke Buckner

"As a former coach turned pro athlete I love to inspire others to pursue their passions, and am so glad to partner with a company that is dedicated to the same."

The Pickleball Sock

Built for impact protection, blister prevention, cushion in high-friction areas and heat relief while playing on hot surfaces.

Compression Bracing

Do what you love without pain getting in the way with the flexible fit and support of our patented Compression Zone Technology.