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Roberta Horn


ABOUT ME: Born in 1959 with severe club feet, I went through extensive surgeries and finally began to walk without casts around age 8. In 1993 I broke my neck, C2/C3, in an auto accident and was paralyzed. After a very risky surgery I woke up with a halo brace in my head and some tingling and movement! It took a year of relearning to walk and do many things again.Ê I was told to basically do nothing, no sports, no gym, nothing. I decided this was not living, so I got a surfboard and learned to surf. Mixed with learning to surf, I trained and competed in 1997 in the Hennessey Paddleboard Series in San Diego, CA. During that time I met my husband Glen and started traveling with him to the desolate areas of Baja Mexico to surf and camp. I've always been healthy but one day said I thought I needed more cardio so I began to run in place! I was thrilled at how it made me feel.Ê So down the road I went running which led me to half and full marathons. I remember saying I would never do Ultra marathons, but now that is all I do with the exception of one half marathon annually that I have done since that race began. I am not a fast runner but I definitely have endurance. The ultra running community has welcomed me with open arms and I've made many amazing friends.

  • For me, I would say that every day is a highlight. When you have something as precious as moving taken away from you and then you get it back, it definitely makes you appreciate every step you take. I recently completed my furthest running distance of 83 miles and what a thrill it was! I plan to never stop moving.

WHY TEAM OS1st? I injured my right hamstring a few years ago and the OS1st QS4 Thigh Brace Compression Sleeve helps take away any pain and discomfort. I have not found any other sleeve that has helped me besides this one.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Life is either a great adventure or nothing. ~ Helen Keller

You can't depend on your eyes, when your imagination is out of focus. ~ Mark Twain