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Trish Barry


ABOUT ME: I have been a runner as long as I can remember. From running with my dad as a youngster to completing my first 50 miler last July. I took a hiatus after college, but found running again after a friend invited me to run a 5k. That was it. I was back and hooked. Mileage length progressed quickly to half marathons, then marathon, and now ultra distances. Roads also turned into trails, and our winters brought forth snowshoe running adventures! While my passion lies within all running, my favorite is the long trail haul. I have goals to run a 75 or 100mile race next! I am a DPT by trade with an undergrad degree in Sports Medicine. I love helping people with both prehab and injury recovery. I have spent the last few years completely overhauling my own running form, and have really seen the benefits start to show this past year. I have two little dogs who come everywhere with me. I love hiking and adventuring, exploring whenever and wherever I can. I also love taking running photos, trying to create a scene to express what I think that run experience felt like, in hopes of inspiring others to get out and run!

CAREER RUNNING HIGHLIGHTS: My favorite race results have not necessarily been the ones I’ve done the best, but the ones I’ve worked the hardest for.

  • I took first place AG in The Other Half half marathon after taking a racing hiatus where I changed my running form. It was a tough race from the start, and I fought hard all the way through to get a PR and shocked myself with an AG win.
  • My first technical trail race, the Amasa Back in Moab, was what really solidified my love for trail running. We drove all night to get there, I had no idea what I was doing fuel wise, completely bonked, injured my knee climbing, and finished 4th female. I had so much fun I’ve vowed to do that race again!
  • Running my first 50 miler was one of my favorite races of all time. It was a huge learning experience and all I wanted to do was finish. I hadn’t trained for it, it was a last minute opportunity that I had to take! Finishing that was crazy emotional and just made me love the ultra running community even more.
  • Last, was the half marathon I ran in April. Mile 3 I broke my foot stepping off an uneven brick. I was running this for my father who had open heart surgery and was very emotionally invested. I to this day have no idea how I finished. My dad was able to see me run for the first time since high school. So now I’m still rehabbing, focusing on getting better so I can begin racing ultras ASAP!
Trish Barry

WHY TEAM OS1st? I love working with companies that have a passion for helping others and make products I can stand behind. OS1st makes quality products that work! Their compression socks are the best I have tried and it is apparent that their products last. I put them through the ringer and they have held up so well. I am still wearing compression socks from a year ago and there are no holes! I use their products for travel, recovery, and of course running! FAVORITE QUOTE: "Running has taken me in, and continues to comfort, heal and challenge me in all kinds of magical ways. I am not a ‘good runner’ because I am me. I am a good ‘me’ because I’m a runner." -Kristen Armstrong