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Dave Higgins, Josh Higgins, and DK Higgins

About our founder

OS1st, originally founded in 2008 by Dave Higgins, grew into a “Three-Generation” company with David's son as President, David's grandson as Materials Manager, and Dave’s wife and other two son’s are owners and directors.

"Family is the heart of what we do," Dave said. "And, that definition extends to the entirety of our staff, business partners, and customers. We treat everyone like family."

OS1st is located in Hickory, N.C. -- where Dave and his family grew up. However, the OS1st "family" extends all over the globe including - offices and warehouse in the United Kingdom and Democratic Taiwan, and distribution partners across the globe. 

After years of manufacturing leadership and consulting in the medical device and sports industries, Dave began to build a series of patented and proprietary products applying his specialized technology known as Compression Zone Technology®. After creating global success with his early inventions, ING Source added K-Zone® Technology, a Kinesiology textile system that mimics taping without the discomfort and continuous re-applications.

“With my good fortune of being associated with some of the world’s best sports and medical manufacturers, I have learned the value of continuous improvement and product development," he said. 

In 2018, OS1st debuted a new sock product that combined their innovative compression technology with socks that target specific conditions, helping customers overcome Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, Achilles tendonitis, circulation, diabetes, among other conditions. 

"We have been blessed to work as a family to continue to bring products that help other families across the world," Josh Higgins said. "It is truly an honor to wake up every morning and know that we get to bring life-changing pain relief to someone's mom, dad, daughter, son."