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What does medical grade compression mean?

OS1st compression socks and performance sleeves provide medical grade graduated compression in every product to help keep you moving pain free. 

But what does that mean?

OS1st® sleeves are designed to provide the right amount of compression at specifically targeted areas to increase circulation and blood flow while also providing the much needed relief your body craves. We call this Compression Zone Technology® (CZT®).  CZT® helps fight the effects of gravity and increases the amount of deoxygenated blood flowing back up to the heart.  CZT® also helps stabilize the muscle and joints thereby decreasing the amount of muscular vibration, resulting in decreased fatigue and better overall stamina and performance.

Why does it matter?

Using compression to increase blood flow will improve your performance and reduce muscle fatigue, but CZT® will also help your body recover faster after an intense training session or workout. Faster recovery means more time to train.

Who benefits from medical grade compression?

Compression gear isn’t just for the athlete. Anyone who sits for a long period of time can benefit from assistance to your veins in getting blood out of your legs and back to your heart thereby preventing blood clots and other dangerous ailments.