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From Total Knee Replacement Surgery, Back to the Pickleball Court

From Total Knee Replacement Surgery, Back to the Pickleball Court

May 1st, 2023. The day of my total knee replacement surgery to repair all the damage caused by 50 years of playing hard court tennis. The journey from then until my first time playing pickleball again (now the sport I love) has seemed much longer than 13 weeks.

Because of a previous DVT blood clot, I had to be on blood thinners for two weeks after surgery. This led to my swelling, stiffness, and pain being more than what is typical. Luckily, I had OS1st Travel Socks on hand to help control the swelling in my leg.

Ben Bishop, ambassador after total knee replacement surgery | OS1st

Due to the symptoms mentioned above, the first four weeks after surgery were difficult physically – going from a walker to a cane, to gradually walking again on my own. As difficult as the physical part of recovery was during that time, I think my struggles mentally and emotionally were far greater. Things you take for granted, doing them without even thinking, became difficult tasks. These struggles were truly disheartening at times, but thankfully I had an unbelievable support team around me who boosted my spirits and reminded me that things would get better.

The nine weeks since then have been consumed with physical therapy, muscle building exercises, riding a stationary bike, walking, and other activities trying to strengthen my leg to better support my new titanium knee. There were days when I struggled physically, mentally, and emotionally, but seeing progress is such an incredible motivator.

Now as I head back to the pickleball court with a paddle in my hand for the first time in three months, the main question continually running through my head is how will my new knee respond. I’ll be wearing the new OS1st KS8 Performance Knee brace that’s specifically designed for those of us who’ve had knee surgeries, so I’m confident that my knee will be fine. It’s just a matter of learning to trust my new knee again, just like I did when I took the first steps on my own after surgery!


Ben Bishop, ambassador after total knee replacement surgery wearing the new KS8 Performance Knee Brace | OS1st


Benjamin Bishop
OS1st Ambassador, Pickleball fanatic, and Knee Replacement Champion