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Plantar Fasciitis relief sleeve | OS1st

Health doesn’t always equal “staying fit” but rather rest, rest, and more rest.

Amanda Ghent wearing yellow OS1st shirt running | OS1st

Hot diggity dog it’s summertime and I’m finally feeling like getting out and moving more. Since my accident last November and then the TBI relapse and Chiari diagnosis in March this spring, my health has been my number one priority, as it always is.  But now, health doesn’t equal “staying fit” but rather rest, rest, and more rest.  The doctors have really put an emphasis on keeping my heart rate lower as I work my way back into running and stay alert for any signs or symptoms that come while I’m in the middle of activity.   It also takes about triple the time to recover physically, and nutritionally, I’ve had to switch some things around as I heal my brain and my gut with the addition of new medication.  It isn’t as simple as “go run, then refuel” anymore, sadly.  Ah, the days of when I thought training was so intense. - this is a whole new level of intense! 

While training looks VERY different, some things haven’t changed – like the way I use OS1st products.  With a full line of compression bracing and socks (for athletic performance and general wearability), there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not in some form or fashion still wearing OS1st. 

I’ve been spending way less time on my phone and screen, and more time with my nose in a book.  Often, it’s a nerdy science book about brains or the nervous system. 

Amanda Ghent Running | OS1st

I’ve also discovered that I have a better chance of surviving movement on the trails than on the roads.  I can keep my gaze downward and not have spatial distractions.  When I’m on the open roads, cars zooming by really causes my periphery to FREAK OUT and my brain goes in flight or fight mode, and I basically end up with some form of migraine after the fact.  Those runs are dumb.  So, I’m just better off on the trail stick to the trail I know better. 

Crew socks are my favorite on the trails (and the splatter of mud makes me feel extra special), but some days, compression is just necessary.  The warmer it gets, Thin Air performance calf sleeves is what I pull out.

And then, the latest on the line: The Nekkid comfort sock. 

The nekkid comfort sock in galaxy | OS1st

This one is pretty cool because you can use it for performance, play, athleisure, and dressing up.  I wore it in the winter with ankle booties, I’ve worn them with Vans, I wear them in my Rogers white sneakers, and I’ve worn them on the run.  Such a versatile sock – and no one ever sees it. But you better believe my favorite pair is the Galaxy space dyed. 





The socks are just part of the gig, so what goes on top?  

I’m always reaching for a pair of On running shoes – whether it’s a pair of Cloudsurfer’s (the latest model is fire!), Cloudvista’s for the trails, or Roger Advantage for the fashion statement around town (best with those Nekkid socks).  Maybe you're into fitness, maybe not...it really doesn't matter.... but perhaps if you're looking for a new pair of shoes, check out your local run specialty store.  Support your local business, the small guys, and go in. Get fitted for a shoe that’s best for you, your foot, your gait, and buy THERE, not online (because you’ll spend the same $$), and you’ll end up winning – you and the store. 

Amanda Ghent at Charlotte Running Company | OS1st

While there, they’ll probably invite you to a group run or tell you about a run club program they’ve got going on.  It’s their privilege to get folks in the community involved together to create a safe space that encourages other runners to be together.  Plus, they are runners themselves.  Then they’ll probably talk you into a race.  Before you know it, you’ll be training for a marathon, or running on the trails – don’t say I didn’t warn you.  But at least now, you’ve got the best gear to give you comfort, protect against blisters, and avoid the stink - anyone’s dream when you’re sweating buckets in the heat of the summer!  

Find your closest retailer here so you can support local! (Link to find a retailer page) 



-Amanda Ghent
Team OS1st Ambassador