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Merino Wool Plantar Fasciitis Sock

Gift ideas for First Responders from a Firefighter.

It’s that time of year again—holidays, work parties, Friendsgiving, ugly sweaters, white elephants, secret Santas, and you need to buy that person you don’t really know a gift. You drew their name and all you know about them is that they work as a firefighter, or maybe they are a paramedic? or both? Are they the same thing? Doesn’t matter, either way, you’re stuck and you don’t want to be embarrassed by getting the wrong thing. You’ve googled “gifts for firefighters” and everything is beyond the budget limit for the gift exchange. You don’t know their size and you can’t ask anyone because it’s against the gift exchange rules. Don’t worry! The perfect gift exists! It’s suitable for both complete strangers and loved ones alike. Perfect for firefighters as well as anyone who prioritizes comfort. Comes in a few sizes that fit most. It’s easy to wrap, easy to travel with, practical, reusable, and made from high-quality and even recycled materials! 

The OS1st Merino Wool Plantar Fasciitis socks are crafted with 100% Recycled Merino Wool and Ultra-Soft Nylon to give you natural moisture-wicking and increased temperature regulation. Combined with their patented Compression Zone Technology specially designed to target Plantar Fasciitis, makes this a must-have for any one's sock drawer; Keeping your feet warm and cozy while fighting plantar fasciitis.

Ryan K Reynolds

First responders are on their feet MOST of the day. As a firefighter, we wear steel-toe boots around the station as part of our uniform and jump into larger, heavier, leather & Kevlar boots for emergency incidents. Our footwear is designed with purpose—protection from life and health hazards. They are not specifically designed for comfort, but our socks can be. On any given shift as a California firefighter, we could find ourselves on the medical aids, fighting fires, dissembling car collisions, hiking to fight wildland fires, doing PT exercises, attending school assemblies, and even making water rescues. Through it all, we could be wearing the same socks. We need durable, comfortable, supportive, long-lasting socks. OS1st makes a premier product designed to prevent Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Fatigue, and Arch/Heel Pain. These socks boast Performance Features such as Medical Grade Support, Y-Gore heel for anatomical shape, Patented Compression Zone Technology®, Seamless Construction, Extra cushioning without the bulk, Anatomical left/right design for perfect fit, and Anti-bacterial fabric. I’ve been wearing OS1st socks since 2015 and I can honestly and proudly say they are THE BEST socks I have ever worn. I’ve seen my co-workers suffer from foot pain, blisters, and holes in their socks caused by low-quality products that just can’t stand up to the job. My OS1st socks have passed all the tests of firefighting, running, weightlifting, skiing, rugby, hiking, and leisure wear. They are the perfect gift for anyone!


Ryan K Reynolds | OS1st

Ryan K Reynolds
Olympian, Firefighter, Doodle Mom