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Gift Guide

Gift Guide

Looking for a gift that promotes health and wellness? Whether your loved one is an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or someone seeking to enhance their well-being, we have them covered. 

OS1st Top Picks: 

Nekkid Comfort Sock in Nebula | OS1st

Nekkid Comfort Sock

The Nekkid Comfort sock is a fan favorite. It is unique in its performance vs the competition. The powerful no slip construction will stay up no matter the activity, making it a perfect gift for someone always on the go. 

Activity-Based Gift Ideas

ES6 elbow Bracing sleeve | OS1st

For the golfer

We have compression so good you can't blame that bogie on your bad elbow and socks so good there's no excuse not to walk the next hole. 

Thin Air Performance Socks: The Thin Air Performance sock is made for those who prefer a thinner sock that also prevents blisters and keeps feet dry and stink-free. Our patented Skin Thin ™ top panel helps regulate temperature and circulate air throughout the sock. 

Compression Bracing: It is no secret that pain of any kind makes doing your favorite things less enjoyable. Give the gift of pain relief this holiday with the KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve. For those suffering from arthritis, excess swelling, and more, our compression bracing solutions, made with medical grade Compression Zone Technology help ease pain, reduce swelling, and promote healing in one light comfortable sleeve.  

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Pickleball Athlete wearing KS8 Knee Brace | OS1st

For the Pickleballer

OS1st Pickleball gear keeps you comfortable on and off the court, so you can focus on the game. 

The Pickleball Sock: Trusted by pros and amateurs alike, the Pickleball Sock is built for impact protection and blister prevention with nano-bamboo charcoal cushion in high-friction areas and cooling technology for heat relief while playing on hot surfaces.  

AS6 Performance Arm Sleeves: The AS6™ Arm Sleeve promotes faster muscle recovery, and proper circulation and reduces muscle fatigue with medical-grade compression used to support larger muscles and tendons and strengthen the forearm and elbow.  It is designed to move as you move with stay-in-place construction, perfect for tennis, biking, basketball, golf, and others. 

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Thin air performance sleeves in blue | OS1st

For the Runner

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting your running journey, OS1st performance socks and compression sleeves are engineered to enhance your performance, prevent injuries, and speed up recovery. 

Active Comfort Sock: Made for staying comfortable all day during any activity with plush bamboo charcoal cushion in the heel and toe and ultra-thin Skin Thin™ cooling panels on the top. Crafted with micro-nylon and silver-ion technology to keep your feet dry and prevent odor. 

Plantar Fasciitis Sock: The first-ever Plantar Fasciitis sock that strengthens the foot structure and prevents Plantar Fasciitis symptom onset as well as overuse injuries. With precisely targeted compression levels and cushioning, the Plantar Fasciitis sock features Compression Zone Technology® designed to provide proper foot support by lifting and stretching the plantar fascia.  

Thin Air Performance Calf Sleeves: The Thin Air Performance Calf Sleeves feature never-before-applied technology to keep your legs cool and protected during any activity. Created using medical-grade machinery and materials, we built in ease of use, comfort, and durability with the thinnest leg fabric profile ever made! Wear alone or pair with the Thin Air Performance Sock. 

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Plantar Fasciitis Socks in white | OS1st

For the Trainer

Super-charge your workout with medical-grade compression that feeds your muscles oxygen for stronger performance and faster recovery. 

CS6 Performance Calf Sleeves: Find prevention and relief from muscle cramps, venous insufficiency, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and more with the CS6 Performance Calf Sleeves that provide athletes with relief from calf pain and injury. 

AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve: The AF7 Ankle Brace Sleeve helps treat swollen or weak ankles, without restricting movement. The Brace is lightweight and is made up of nylon and K-zone technology to provide the benefits of taping while avoiding the restrictiveness of tape. 

QS4 Performance Quad Sleeve: The QS4 Performance Quad Sleeve is one-of-a-kind as it combines all the benefits of medical-grade orthopedic support and graduated compression to ease and prevent Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Powered by Compression Zone Technology® the QS4 is effective while still being easy to take on and off, light, and comfortable to wear even under any active-wear clothing or gear. 

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Merino Wool Plantar Fasciitis Sock

For the Explorer

Reach new heights with socks that keep feet blister-free and compression bracing that keeps muscles energized. 

Travel Socks: Designed with plane or car travel in mind but useful for anyone sitting for extended periods of time. The 5 zones of medical-grade compression range from light (10-15 mmHg) to moderate (15-20 mmHg) to improve circulation and prevent discomfort during extended immobility. 

Merino Wool Plantar Fasciitis Socks: The Merino Wool Plantar Fasciitis socks are crafted with 100% Recycled Merino Wool and Ultra-Soft Nylon to give you natural moisture-wicking and increased temperature regulation. Combined with our patented Compression Zone Technology specially designed to target Plantar Fasciitis, makes this a must-have for your sock drawer; Keeping your feet warm and dry while fighting plantar fasciitis. 

FS6 Performance Foot Sleeve(s): The FS6 Performance Foot Sleeve is incredibly effective at relieving the pain of Plantar Fasciitis, chronic arch and heel pain, and swelling in the foot. Graduated compression improves circulation and reduces swelling, all in an ultra-comfortable moisture-wicking foot sleeve that can be worn under socks and inside shoes 

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Bunion Relief Sock | OS1st

Socks with a Purpose®

We have a sock solution for every foot to help relieve symptoms from conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, bunion pain, hyper-sensitivity, and more. All OS1st Socks with Purpose are moisture-wicking, treated with silver-ion anti-microbial, left/right foot specific for a custom like fit, and designed to prevent slipping into your shoes or causing blisters. 

Bunion Relief Sock: Replace spacers and tape with our split-toe socks and sleeves designed to pamper the bunion and separate your big toe. 

Wellness Performance Sock & WIDE Wellness Performance Sock: Made for sensitive feet using diabetic-safe bamboo charcoal cushion, seamless construction, and light to moderate compression for a no-slip fit that won’t cause irritation. 


White OS1st Branded Boco Hat | OS1st

Bonus Gifts 

Know someone who is already OS1st obsessed? Here are a few perfect gifts for the OS1st fan who wants it ALL. 

Fresh Snaps: OS1st Fresh Snaps uses bamboo charcoal to absorb odor in and release a fresh scent to leave your shoes, lockers, bags, and closets smelling fresh and clean. 

OS1st Lightweight Athletic Hat: Sports a bill that mimics that of a baseball cap for greater sun and glare protection. The laser cut side and rear panels help the heat escape to keep you cool.  

OS1st Athletic Trucker Hat: This athletic trucker provides all the comfort of a Run Hat with the structured front panels and bill of a Trucker. Laser cut panels provide the breathability needed for high output efforts. 

OS1st Branded Apparel: Short sleeves, long sleeves, ½ zips, oh my! 

OS1st Beverage Sleeve: The BZT Buzz is a key element of OS1st® recovery System. Keep your drink cool and your hands dry.