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NEW Wicked Comfort Sock in Navy | OS1st

Nerd out! The technology behind OS1st's NEW Wicked Comfort® Performance Sock for runners

What makes OS1st Wicked Comfort socks a go-to choice for runners seeking ultimate comfort and durability? Let’s delve into the technology behind these innovative socks that are revolutionizing the running experience.

At the heart of Wicked Comfort lies Dry1st® technology – a game-changer in moisture management. This cutting-edge technology swiftly wicks away moisture at an industry-leading rate, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable even during the most intense workouts. Say goodbye to sweaty feet and hello to a more enjoyable running experience.

Close up of Wicked Comfort Socks in Pink

Crafted with Conformance™ yarn, these socks are not only cozy but incredibly durable. Reinforced heel and toe areas provide added strength, promising longevity and protection against wear and tear. But what truly sets Wicked Comfort apart is the luxurious, cloud-like cushioning, made possible by a 200-needle construction. Each step feels like walking on air, enhancing your comfort and performance on every run.

Through independent testing conducted by a third party, Wicked Comfort has proven to be superior in both moisture-wicking capability and durability when compared to leading brands. In fact, they wick moisture up to 5 times faster and are 2 times more durable than their counterparts, making them the clear choice for runners looking for quality and performance.

Now, suppose you aren’t into max-cushioned running socks. In that case, OS1st offers a variety of options in the Socks with Purpose® collection such as the ½ thin, ½ cushion Active Comfort sock built with medium cushion and the same ultra-thin top panel that that originated in the thin but mighty Thin Air Performance sock. The Thin Air performance sock has an ultra-thin top panel that promotes temperature regulation and woven “lift bars” to circulate air through the sock.