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OS1st virtual running challenge

OS1st March Virtual Running Challenge

The OS1st Virtual Running Challenge with 6 days of virtually uniting runners who are safely training/racing, on their own, outdoors or at home, through a virtual running challenge.

About the challenge

Runners should complete at least one 5, 10, or 15K run on their own, and track their activity on the Strava app as a member of the OS1st Club. The app can be downloaded on most smart phones to track runs outside or indoors by using the GPS on your mobile phone or wearable GPS technology. 

All you have to do is join the OS1st Strava club, and then log your activity on the app from March 14-20, you will be entered to win one of ten prize packs!  

Building virtual community 

OS1st believes that it is important to stay united as a community, and gain more than just miles. 

All challenge participants are encouraged to follow OS1st on Facebook or daily check-in questions and Instagram for daily motivation.  And, runners can unite by keeping pace with challenge playlists on the OS1st Spotify!

Runners can also gain bonus entries by sharing a photo of them completing their challenge run on Facebook or Instagram. The post must include the runner's Strava name, tag @OS1st, and use #OS1stChallenge.

How to win

Any runner who participates will be entered into a drawing for one of ten prize packs.

Each prize pack includes a $150 gift card to the winner's local OS1st retailer and $100 worth of OS1st gear.

Participants can earn multiple entries into the drawing. 

Complete your own 5K – 1 entry

Complete your own 10K – 2 entries

Complete your own 15K – 3 entries

Winners will be chosen at random and contacted via Strava on March 22. The winners will be announced to the public by March 24 on the OS1st Strava club page, Facebook, and Instagram.

Notes for participation

  • Runs should be completed following all relevant COVID-19 safety measures. No activity should preclude social isolation, quarantine, lock-down, and shelter-in-place advisories.
  • Runners WILL NOT run in crowded areas, in areas with at-risk or immune-compromised populations, or at a close distance of other runners.
  • Participants should self-monitor their temperature and health and follow all local, state, and federal government guidelines for those exhibiting symptoms.
  • Participants must be a member of the OS1st Strava club, and be a current resident of the United States.
  • If at any point in time this challenge is found to be adversary to public health interests, OS1st maintains the right to cancel, postpone, or end the virtual challenge early.

As situations change rapidly, we are asking every runner to do AT LEAST these three things before running:

  1. Check the CDC website, your state health department's website, and your local government website and/or resources.
  2. Take your temperature.
  3. Cover your face if you are running outside your home.

We are not recommending that anyone take steps to endanger their health or the health of others. Please exercise caution when participating in the challenge.