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Thin Air Performance Socks

: Black

Made for those who prefer a thinner sock that protects from blisters and keeps feet dry. Our Skin Thin™ top panel helps regulate temperature and circulate air throughout the sock. For the best fit, it is important to use the size chart before ordering.   • Ultra-thin top panel to promote temperature regulation • Woven “lift bars” to circulate air throughout the sock

Targeted Conditions:

  • Blisters
  • Sore/achy feet
  • Hyper-sensitivity
  • Overheating
Skin Thin Design Features:
  • Ultra-thin top panel to promote temperature regulation
  • Woven "lift bars" to circulate air throughout the sock 
  • Allows for natural toe splay
  • Heat release
  • Wear alone or paired with OS1st TA6 Thin AirTM Calf Sleeves

Care Instructions: Wash gentle on cold, tumble dry on low heat. No bleach or fabric softener.

Comes with one (1) pair of socks per package. 

Before ordering, use this size chart for accurate fit. 
Size Average Shoe Size
S US: M 4.5-6.5 US: W 5-7.5 UK: 2.5-5 EU: 35.5-28.5
M US: M 7-10 US: W 8-11 UK: 6-9 EU: 39-43.5
L US: M 10.5-13 US: W 11.5+ UK: 9.5-12.5 EU: 44-48
XL US: M 13.5+ UK: 13+ EU: 49+

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Valued Customer
Comfy, thin, supportive

These socks are so comfortable. Thin but very supportive.

Valued Customer
The socks were not overrated

My feet were dry when I got off the tennis court. I will not buy another sock.

Extremely comfortable light-weight socks

These socks made my feet extremely happy from the first minute I put my feet into my walking shoes. They keep my feet dry and cool.

George Mancini
great sock

will never wear any other sock for pickle ball

Valued Customer
Pretty incredible...

I was in a shoe store trying on athletic shoes. I'm hard to fit and these particular shoes were great looking but something was missing in the fit. The sales person suggested OS1st TA4 Thin Air No Show Running Socks which they carried in the store so I bought a pair. The fit was amazing...the arch, the ventilation, the material and I could go on and on. I wore them the next day and ended up buying several more pair. The socks are a little costly but definitely worth it.