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Why Natural Toe Splay is Important for Runners

Why Natural Toe Splay is Important for Runners

Natural toe splay is the way your toes naturally space out and lay when not confined by tight shoes or socks. Some shoes and socks squeeze the toes into a tighter space that restrains the way they would and should naturally lay, which can eventually affect your balance.

Toe Splay for Runners 

When running, having natural toe splay allows for the natural movement of your toes and provides support to the rest of your foot. Your toes need space to lay as they naturally would without being confined in a tight shoe or sock.

Allowing your toes to splay naturally, provides support for your arch and the rest of your foot especially in weight-bearing situations like running, walking or standing for increased periods of time. 

Ways to improve your toe splay:

  1. Try toe spacers - Toe spacers are designed to help correct your toes if they have been bound to tight shoes for a long period of time.
  2. Stretches and exercises - If you aren’t able to invest in toe spacers, another great way to correct your toe splay is to spend time shaking hands with your toes - meaning use your fingers as spacers between your toes for a little bit each day and you should start to see an improvement in your toe splay.
  3. Try toe shoes and toe socks - They aren’t for everyone, but toe shoes and toe socks are made to fit like a glove, giving each toe their own space allowing your feet to move the way they were intended. 
  4. Shoes and socks with wide toe boxes - Wide toe box shoes and socks allow for your toes to lay naturally unlike conventional shoes that constrict toes. The Active Comfort Socks and Thin Air Socks are designed to fit with these shoes and maximize the room they give your toes.

Even after years of conventional shoes and socks constricting your toes, it is possible to correct the problem and improve your toe and overall foot health.