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Wicked Comfort Socks

: Black
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Wicked Comfort® performance socks offer maximum cushion, moisture-wicking, and durability. Using our Dry1st® technology, Wicked quickly gets rid of moisture at an industry-leading rate so you don’t have to worry about sweaty feet. Crafted with our Comformance™ yarn, these socks are not only comfy, they are built to last with proven durability while still delivering a luxurious, cloud-like cushion.   

  • Luxurious, cloud-like cushion with 200-needle construction  
  • Durable reinforced heel & toe  
  • Keeps feet dry with our Dry1st technology 
  • Light arch compression to prevent rubbing and blisters  

OS1st® Socks with Purpose® Performance Features  

Wide toe box
for natural toe splay
Moisture Wicking
to keep feet dry
Anatomically Correct
for a custom-like feel
Breathable yarns
keeps feet cool
360 Blister Protection Seamless designs
no pinching or irritation
Compression Zone Technology® Silver Ion Technology
anti stink and anti-microbial

Size Average Shoe Size
S US: M 4.5-6.5 US: W 5-7.5 UK: 2.5-5
M US: M 7-10 US: W 8-11 UK: 6-9
L US: M 10.5-13 US: W 11.5+ UK: 9.5-12.5
XL US: M 13.5+
UK: 13+

1,000+ miles, zero blisters

In his quest to run 3,000 miles across the United States with a 15 lb weighted vest, Andrew Linder chooses Wicked Comfort Socks.

"I knew I needed a sock that was going to withstand the beating my feet were going to take... they've been incredible."

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Valued Customer
No less expensive than the brand alternatives

I have zero, and I do mean ZERO, problem playing $16 for a pair os socks. I've done it before and I'll do it again. Anybody who has ever had a really nasty sock-induced blister knows what I'm talking about here. The $16 pair of socks can be the difference between enjoying the thousands of dollars you spent on a vacation and limping along in misery. in short, good socks are worth every penny. And these are good from what I can tell. I haven't put them through the wringer yet, but I've worn enough bad socks and enough good socks to know the difference. I feel nothing on my toes. That's a good sign in terms of seam blisters. They're also L/R contoured, which is another good sign for the toe situation (extra fabric is not your friend in the toe box). They are sized, but folks with feet much smaller than mine are going to have issues. I wear a 6.5, on the wide side, and I wouldn't want them even a little bit bigger than they are on my feet. The compression here is negligible, so if you're looking for help supporting the arch, these aren't the ones, but they're snug enough at midfoot not to wiggle around too much, especially laced into a show. I'm a fan of the heel pad since heels almost always dig on me, and the front flap because same with tongues (where the shoemakers are going to put a rough little tag or die trying - like WHY?).

Valued Customer

Very comfortable and fit well. Easy washing. Great for working out. Highly recommend.

Valued Customer
Super comfy

These are the first socks I've ever had that actually come customized with a "right" and "left" indicator, which makes sense for a sock that is this full featured. They do a great job of supporting the midfoot while offering a ton of padding in the toe and heel. They look great and feel amazing. These are worth the slightly higher sticker price, for sure.

Valued Customer
I like!

I think these are a lovely pair of comfortable socks. I wear them with my Hoka's and it is like a comfortable match made in heaven. My feet did feel a little sweaty after a while, so maybe I won't wear these in the middle of summer. Other than that, these are amazing and I love how they feel on my feet.

Valued Customer
Great but expensive

These are certainly not typical socks. They are thick and supportive and are really awesome. The price per pair is a lot. That said, these are the best socks I have EVER worn. The quality far outweighs anything I have ever worn, even wool socks. The fit, support, warmth with air circulation is amazing. These are made in the USA which is also a HUGE benefit. I do love supporting our own locals whenever possible. :) In this economy, I simply cannot replace all my socks with these... which is exactly what I will do once things mellow out, across the spectrum of living, cost wide. These are truly the most amazing socks ever! I genuinely an amazed by these...they are simply socks...but totally and amazingly superior in every way. I honestly didn't know socks could feel like this!