QS4 Thigh Brace Compression Sleeve
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QS4 Thigh Brace Compression Sleeve

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The QS4 performance thigh compression sleeve relieves IBS (Iliotibilal Band Syndrome), quad strains, hamstring weakness, leg fatigue, and general pain from sports. Comes with one (1) thigh compression sleeve per package.


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OS1st QS4 Thigh Compression Sleeve

All-in-one Quad & ITB Compression Leg Sleeve


Improving circulation can prevent pain and swelling that could keep you on the bench. Healthy muscles and joints give you the support you need to perform under pressure.

The OS1st® QS4 Thigh Compression Sleeve uses patent pending Compression Zone Technology®. It relieves and prevents pain for those suffering with IBS (Iliotibilal Band Syndrome), quad strains, hamstring weakness, leg fatigue, and general pain from sports.

Four Zones of Graduated Compression

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The QS4 has an easy fit and four zones of graduated compression. The QS4 sports compression thigh sleeve provides effective pain relief. It is comfortable enough to wear any time, even under your normal clothing.

Shaped to Fit Design

OS1st® thigh compression sleeve promotes excellent circulation through their shaped to fit design.  They are safer to wear than heavier splints and supports that bind at your body’s natural angles.

The QS4 is available in black. The QS4 Sports Compression Thigh Sleeve is the perfect fit for your active lifestyle!

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1 review for QS4 Thigh Brace Compression Sleeve

  1. 5 out of 5

    Quad Sleeve Works!I received the OS1st Performance Quad Sleeve and was quick to try it out. I deal with lingering IT Band pain issues. The issues can arise from running, hiking steep trails, or long periods of snowboarding. Basically I feel that any time that I am going into an activity and I feel questionable about my ability to complete, and enjoy the activity before me, the Quad Sleeve takes any concerns that I might have and removes them. I used the Quad Sleeve multiple times this year, during snowboarding trips in Salt Lake City , UT, Colorado on two different trips, an Adventure Race in the Shenandoah Mountains and multiple runs across the US. This product is amazing!

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