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HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve


This flexible, soft bunion brace uses our original “split-toe” design and a light-flex toe board to relieve pain and help separate toes for realignment, relief, and recovery. This should be worn as a “resting therapy” while you’re off your feet.

For the best fit, it is important that you use the size chart before ordering.

  • Comes with one sleeve per package
  • Targeted conditions: Bunion pain, toe separation, toe friction
  • Medical grade compression made on FDA registered machinery
  • Stay dry and prevent odor with micro nylon treated with silver-ion technology

Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap and air dry. No bleach or fabric softener.  

Before ordering, use this size chart for accurate fit.

Size Average Shoe Size
S/M US: M 3-7 US: W 4-8 UK: 2-6 EU: 34-39.5
L/XL US: M 8-13 US: W 9+ UK: 6.5-13 EU: 40-48.5


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Myra tubby
os1st? more like OS2nd.

i came i with high hope but low key im a bigger fan of injinji. other than my thumb toe my toes were crammed from teh other side of the fabric. plus i look like a camel............. in conclusion they ight

Feels very good

I wore Dr Scholls in my shoes which made them too snug even though I increased the shoe size. This is what I think gave me a bunion. I found that that foot often had a callous on the side of the big toe. I am using silicone designs when wearing my shoes. These different products keep the big toe apart. Wearing this makes my foot look like there is no bunion. That in itself is a plus. Looking forward to having the one for the other foot for they have gone separately. I have hope for this product as a corrective but I have not seen a foot doctor.

Therapy for your foot

Purchased for my wife who has had a bunion on her right foot "forever". Had to explain that, just like orthodontia, this is not an overnight fix - it should be worn as frequently as possible: Preferably every day! Also had to explain that just like having your braces adjusted, there will be some "discomfort". Product appears to be well-made and durable.

Shirley Cummins
Snug and supportive

Snug and supportive without being tight or pinching. Stay in place nicely.