PS3 Performance Patella Sleeve

SKU: OS1-72340B

Relieve Knee Pain Caused by Jumper’s Knee (Patellar Tendinitis), With One Light, Comfortable Patellar Sleeve

Targeted Conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Runners Knee
  • Jumpers Knee
  • Patellar Tendonitis

Performance Features:

  • Medical Grade Support
  • Advanced medical device for Patellar Tendonitis, knee pain and swelling
  • Patented Compression Zone Technology®
  • Seamless Construction
  • Moisture wicking, extra durable & soft nylon
  • Wear during walking or exercising for extra protection
  • Supports and stabilizes the patella
  • Supports muscle stability and improves circulation
Comes with one (1) compression patellar tendon sleeve per package.

Before ordering, use this size chart for accurate fit. 

PS3 Performance Patella Sleeve Size Chart

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3 Zones of Graduated Compression

Patella Compression Sleeve   

The PS3™ has three zones of compression and a comfortable shaped fit.  It provides proven effective pain relief. The PS3™ Performance Patella Sleeve is comfortable enough to wear any time.  You can even wear them under your regular pants and shorts. PS3™ Performance Patella Sleeve is a safe alternative to knee braces and splints.  The PS3™ is more comfortable than patella straps when treating and preventing knee pain.

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