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Endurance Athlete Andrew Linder Partners with OS1st® for Monumental Cross-Country Run

Endurance Athlete Andrew Linder Partners with OS1st® for Monumental Cross-Country Run

[HICKORY, NC, March 7, 2024] – OS1st®, a leader in performance gear, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with endurance athlete Andrew Linder for an unprecedented cross-country endeavor. Linder started his monumental journey from California to New York on March 1, wearing OS1st's Wicked Comfort® Socks, for the prevention of human trafficking.

An experienced ultra-runner, Linder aims to run from the Santa Monica pier to Central Park while wearing a 15-pound weighted vest. As of press time March 6, Andrew covered 225 miles of his over 3,000-mile journey. This extraordinary feat not only showcases Andrew's physical prowess but also sheds light on the pressing issue of human trafficking.

"I'm not just running across the U.S.; I'm shining a light on the ugly reality of human trafficking," said Andrew Linder. "Choosing the right gear is crucial for me to complete this goal. OS1st's Wicked Comfort® Socks provide the durability, moisture-wicking, and cushioning I need to keep going day after day."

Equipped with Dry1st® technology and Comformance™ yarn, Wicked Comfort® Socks ensure efficient moisture management, keeping Linder's feet dry and comfortable across diverse terrains and climates. The socks' reinforced heel and toe design, along with cloud-like cushioning, offer crucial support, especially under the strain of a weighted vest.

"We are honored to support Andrew in his quest to raise awareness and become the first person to run across America wearing a 15-pound weighted vest," said Josh Higgins, President of OS1st. "Andrew's dedication to his cause is truly inspiring, and we're proud to provide him with reliable, technical products for this incredible journey." 

Beyond the physical challenge, Andrew Linder's cross-country run serves a greater purpose. By highlighting the impact of human trafficking, Linder aims to drive awareness and support charitable solutions. Andrew is showcasing his experience live everyday at 5 p.m. EST at www.youtube.com/@Andrewmlinder. To follow his extraordinary journey and learn more about Pier to Park, visit www.piertopark.com.

For media inquiries regarding Pier to Park, please contact:

Andrew Linder


About OS1st®

OS1st® specializes in performance gear designed to support athletes of all levels. With a focus on innovation and quality, OS1st® products provide the comfort and support needed to reach peak performance. For more information, visit www.os1st.com.

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