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Wicked Comfort® Socks: Revolutionizing Maximum Cushion Running Socks with Advanced Moisture-Wicking Technology

Wicked Comfort® Socks: Revolutionizing Maximum Cushion Running Socks with Advanced Moisture-Wicking Technology

[HICKORY, NC] – OS1st, a trailblazer in sock innovation, proudly unveils Wicked Comfort® socks, a maximum cushion performance sock setting a new benchmark in moisture-wicking and durability.

Wicked Comfort socks debut the brand’s Dry1st® technology, a groundbreaking moisture management treatment designed to swiftly wick away sweat, ensuring dry and comfortable feet. Engineered with Comformance™ yarn, these socks not only deliver unparalleled comfort but also boast exceptional durability, built to withstand intense physical activity.

“In line with our unwavering commitment to excellence, we set out to redefine the standard for maximum cushion running socks,” said Josh Higgins, President of OS1st. “Recognizing the challenge of maximizing cushion without compromising moisture control, we engineered a sock that delivers indulgent cushioning and superior moisture-wicking performance.”

Independent testing by the Manufacturing Solutions Center, commissioned by the brand, demonstrated that Wicked Comfort socks wick away moisture 5 times faster and are 2 times more durable than other leading brands, ensuring enduring performance in every step.

“When most people first feel our USA-made Comformance yarn, we hear an audible gasp. It’s that soft,” said Higgins. “We also took a ‘more cowbell’ approach to our 200-need cushion. Whenever we said, that’s enough, it really wasn’t. That’s why we’re confident in calling this our ‘max cushion.’”

OS1st Socks with Purpose® continue their legacy of innovation with Wicked Comfort®, setting a new standard for excellence in both performance and luxury. Wicked Comfort® is not just a sock; it's a game changer.

Available at independent running stores nationwide, Wicked Comfort socks are priced at $15.99. To locate your nearest retailer or to discover more about OS1st’s commitment to crafting purpose-driven socks for performance, lifestyle, and pain relief, visit www.os1st.com.


About OS1st®

Founded on the principles of innovation and performance, OS1st is a leading authority in sock technology, dedicated to enhancing the lives of athletes and individuals alike through purpose-driven design. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, OS1st continues to revolutionize the industry with cutting-edge solutions tailored to elevate performance and promote overall well-being. OS1st is the fastest growing sock brand in U.S. specialty retail and trusted by thousands of independent running stores across the United States.

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