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Pair of white wide WP4 wellness socks

OS1st debuts extra-wide diabetic wellness and comfort sock

HICKORY, N.C. – OS1st revolutionized diabetic and comfort foot care with the debut of nano-bamboo charcoal, seamless, non-binding, cushioned WP4™ Wellness Performance Socks for sensitive feet. Now, the same sock is available with 50% more stretch for an extra-wide fit.

The extra-wide WP4™ Wellness Performance Socks feature four zones of compression from light compression at the seamless toes and ankle for comfort to moderate compression at the arch for support and superior fit. The special contoured, nano-bamboo charcoal fibers create a cushioned footbed and heel areas to provide extra protection all while still being non-constricting. 

These socks keep feet dry and comfortable using micro-fiber nylon and OS1st’s signature silver-ion treatment creating anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties to prevent blisters and sock slipping, all important features for aiding with diabetes, sensitive feet, Edema, and neuropathy. 

The extra-wide WP4™ Wellness Performance Socks are made with exceptional quality on 200-needle machines and are meant to stand the test of time.  

“We want everyone to have access to our life-changing socks,” President of OS1st, Josh Higgins, said. “The extra-wide WP4™ Wellness Performance Socks are designed specifically to create a safe and comfortable environment for anyone with special needs.” 

The extra-wide WP4™ Wellness Performance Socks are available for wholesale ordering. 

About OS1st

OS1st Base Layer Bracing® is a three-generation family business that provides compression bracing and performance socks designed in North Carolina with patented Compression Zone® Technology that uses varied compression levels to target and support muscles, and patent-pending K-Zone® Bracing Technology that provides the benefits of kinesiology taping treatment without the tape. Both technologies use textile engineering to provide pain treatment and prevention for plantar fasciitis, bunions, runner’s knee, shin splints, foot pain, leg pain, and other conditions. The science behind every OS1st product is what makes it the number one compression bracing product in specialty retail in the United States.


Press Contact 

Stephanie Lee