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OS1st supports positivity with ‘Love Community First’ digital campaign

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve spent our days trying to connect virtually – virtual trade shows, wedding ceremonies, running events… the list is endless. This February 1 through 15, OS1st is taking advantage of digital community with the “Love Community First” campaign.

What is community?  

To OS1st, community consists of the “village” of people in your life that help you feel wanted, supported, and validated. This could be your own self, a run buddy, the friendly face at your local store, or the one co-worker you can always rely on. Community is different to everyone, but, if done correctly, should revolve around love. 

What does this have to do with compression sleeves and socks?  

OS1st is a community-first company. As a three-generation family company, we are built on the idea that families (biological, chosen, or otherwise) are the foundation of communities. OS1st depends on thousands of independent retailers to sell OS1st products across the country – and we sell products designed to support and ameliorate conditions many suffer from in every community.

How does this work?

In our first “Love Community First” campaign we have a simple request. Let us spread the love in your digital community.

  • Tag us and use #LoveCommunityOS1st on one of your posts and we will leave a positive message on your post.
  • Tag us in a friend’s post and use #LoveCommunityOS1st and we will leave a positive comment on their post.
  • Leave a positive comment on someone else’s post and use #LoveCommunityOS1st and keep the chain going!
  • Leave a positive comment on your local OS1st retailer’s post and use #LoveCommunityOS1st and keep the chain going!


Have suggestions or comments on the campaign?

Email OS1st@ingsource.com to help us develop this campaign or ask questions.