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OS1st initiates partnership with The Good Feet Store

HICKORY, NC – OS1st and The Good Feet Store announce their partnership to provide millions with foot pain solutions. This partnership will bring together OS1st’s performance sock and compression-bracing products and The Good Feet Store’s proprietary line of arch supports and arch support-related accessories.

“This partnership is the perfect complement for our 3-Step System of arch supports offered in more than 150 independently owned and operated stores worldwide,” said Richard Moore, President & CEO. “By adding OS1st to our product mix, we will expand the tools we have to enhance the effectiveness of our arch supports.”

OS1st will provide socks and compression-bracing products for selected locations of The Good Feet Store, including socks and sleeves that help relieve pain commonly associated with conditions, such as bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, circulation, sensitivity, and over-heating. OS1st products can also be included as part of The Good Feet Store’s solutions to help relieve pain based on each customer’s specific needs.

“As a family-owned company dedicated to independent retail and improving people’s lives, it was a no-brainer to partner with The Good Feet Store,” said Josh Higgins, President of OS1st. “Not only do we align on values, but our socks and sleeves can work in tandem with The Good Feet Store’s arch supports to help relieve the pain associated with many conditions plaguing millions today.”

About OS1st

OS1st® is a three-generation family business that provides compression bracing and performance socks designed in North Carolina with Compression Zone® Technology that uses varied compression levels to target and support muscles and provide pain treatment and prevention for plantar fasciitis, bunions, runner’s knee, shin splints, foot pain, leg pain, and other conditions. The science behind every OS1st product is what makes it the number one compression bracing product in specialty retail in the United States.


About The Good Feet Store

Good Feet began as a family-owned business in 1992, with a mission to help people who suffered foot, knee, hip, and back pain that diminished their quality of life. Since then, The Good Feet Store’s retail system has grown to more than 150 individually owned and operated stores throughout the world. The Good Feet Store sells a proprietary line of arch supports, plus a selection of shoes and arch support-related accessories, seeking to improve the quality of people’s lives – two feet at a time.